Friday, March 1, 2013

Jumbley Jumble

Yes I made that word up.. I think?
My brain is so jumbled lately! I have so many blog 
posts I want to write and when I sit down to write 
it a million other things flood my mind. 
So lets start most recent and work our way backwards 
shall we? yes, bare with me and my wracked brain. 

On Wednesday I gave in and called Dr. B
It was CD44 with no signs of AF and 
a million few hpts that were all negative! 
While I was getting my blood drawn, by 
the worst blood sucker in town (new girl) 
she said to me, "Is this to check levels or check for pregnancy?" 
My first irritated thought was a bad word. 
But then I said, to check for pregnancy. 
"Oh" she said, well how long have you been trying?
Second irritated thought was a sentence of bad words. 
But I replied 3 years.. 
"Oh my" she said "It seems like the ones who want them 
the most and deserve them the most have the hardest time getting them.
and the ones who don't want them and don't deserve them 
pop them out like it's their job." 
Third irritated thought...more bad words
But I replied yep that sure is true.. 
After I was all finished I headed back to work 
and jumped on Facebook.. I then deleted all of the 
"undeserving" pregnant girls that complain on a daily 
and then the next second post pictures of ultrasounds and about 
how happy they are...Ya happy till their "baby daddy" leaves them. Again. 
Geeze! Makes my blood boil. 
But that's another blog post for another day. 
See I am off topic already. 
So yesterday 3pm.. no call from the Dr. 
about my lab results, I figured they all had to make 
sure they got their lunch breaks in and caught up on 
their gossip before they could call me back. 
3:30 I finally called... 
They didn't have any results. 
go figure. 
But they DID have Scott's S/A results!
and I am happy to say they were pretty much great!
his count was 82 Million! 
Movement was 49 
and Morphology was 2%
Since this was his first one ever they didn't put too much on it. 
But Dr. B decided some supplements would help boost 
that Morphology a bit...So on Thursday he started 
Follic Acid-400micrograms?
Men's One a Day 
and an Antioxidant! 
8am this morning they call again to tell me 
My hcg was negative (no surprise) 
and my progesterone was a .1
point 1. 
Hip Hip Hoooray for no provera! 
Hopefully stupid AF shows her stupid 
ugly face today! 

Yesterday My dear Oma had surgery 
I met her, my aunts and my mom 
at the hospital early in the morning before 
they took her back. We laughed and joked 
and prayed. I held my breath until my mom 
text me that all way good and she was in recovery!
I went up after work to hang out with her and catch 
up on the Jodi Arias trial.. (yet another post for another day) 
that woman is NUTS! 
my Oma loves watching trials.. and I love watching them with her! 
So glad all is well with her, and she will be going home today!
Me and My Oma at my cousins wedding 2 years ago

About the room.. 
I loved every one of your comments, 
and pondered on each piece of advice. 
It came down to this... 
We were set to leave the room empty and the door closed
But when it came time to move in some of the furniture we ran out of room. 
so we agreed we would store the new futon in there and that was it. 
but after putting it in the room, my mind envisioned
my treadmill in the corner and a mirror on the wall with 
a tv mounted and some free weights and a yoga mat on the floor. 
I have been trying to work out regularly to prepare for my 
upcoming IUI and what better than a 
Get fit for baby room?! 
So the wheel began to spin and 
an hour later I had decided exactly how I want it!
So first we moved in the Futon.. 

Then the treadmill a pink pillow and my pink yoga mat! 

;) my mom made this for me and this is exactly the look I was going for!
So I will keep you updated on the room 
and once everything is in I will take lots of pictures! 

Since I already warned you that this was a jumbley jumbled mess 
of a post I am also going to throw dinner from last night at you!
Not literally cause that would be mean and messy. 
After scrolling through pinterst a few million times 
I came across these adorable Mini Meatloaves!
I just had to make them! 
I have never made a meatloaf in my life! 
My mom never made it, so I never ate it growing up.
Last night I gave it a whirl. It was kinda a little 
from a recipe and a little of what I wanted to put in! 

These were SOO good! Scott gave this meal a 10! 

Here is my jumbled recipe 
1 pound of lean ground beef
1/2 cup of oats 
1 egg
3/4 cups milk 
1 hand full of shredded cheese 
a pinch of salt 
2 or 3 pinches of sugar
and a few dashes of worcestershire sauce 
(yes I had to look at the bottle to spell that)
Then in a separate bowl I mixed ketchup mustard and sugar 
I pressed the meat into the greased muffin pan
topped with my ketchup mixture and baked for 45 minutes 
on 350 degrees! 
added some mashed potatoes and green beans for sides
and Walaa dinner of champions! :) 
If you follow me on instagram you saw all of this last night. 
if not you had to wait :( waiting is not fun! Follow me! :)

enough rambling! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone!! 


  1. i loved this title...along with your last one (i totally told steve to sing wooly bully to his work friends) :) i'm so sorry for all the insensitive comments you had to take. you handled it like a champ! yay for great results for scott and you!! i hope af shows her face today and i hope you get to relax this weekend. omygosh, your mom is too cute - I love LOVE LOVE her room design. it looks the perfect relaxation/workout room. sending love always, gf. xoxox

  2. I also loved the title. Kind of like something Bill Cosby would say hehehe!

  3. The room turned out so, so cute! I would love to workout in a space like that! Praying for AF to come...isn't it crazy that you start praying for things like that!? : )

  4. I sent the HPTs and I got them back today. :( I didn't put enough postage apparently. I'm going to take them to the post office tomorrow so that the postage is 100% correct. You should get them Tuesday or Wednesday! Also, I love a get fit for baby room!