Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey Universe Back Off!

I'm blaming it all on the universe at this point. 
a recap-had blood work LAST Wednesday
results were negative hcg and progesterone at .1
I should have started the next day, or the day after that?
or the day after that?! We are now 5 days later with no AF 
and no signs of her in site.. 
I have a call in to my RE to see what the hell we do?
when I talked to the nurse last week she wanted me to come
in for an ultrasound to check things out, but I opted for the 
blood work since the ultrasounds run me $208 dollars 
 At this point I feel like someone needs to put their
headlamp on and take a lookise up in there!
{Strike One Universe}

Friday night
We had some friends over after they left we noticed it was pretty cold
in our house, we tried many times to get the heat turned back on
but finally gave up and went to bed.
we woke up to this

{Strike 2 Universe}

We called our heating and air guy who couldnt
make it out until Sunday...

So we decided it was Saturday and we would just spend
the day out of the house. We headed down to Ikea
with our friends and their son.
It was a great time! I got some pink items for my new room,
Carter got a new big boy bed! and Scott got a pretty cool print
for his office!

That stand on the right is out now, and the treadmill is in the corner!
More pictures coming on the room progress

This is the pictures both Scott and Josh bought,
I am not really sure why they loved it so much
but they HAD to have it! lol..

So after Ikea
 we went with my parents to a UD Basketball game!
It was SO FUN! after the game we went to our favorite
watering holeplace to drink, restaurant!
Elsa's Mmm Hot wings and Bad Juan Margarita's

Scott and I  I decided it would be a good idea
to try and ruff it in the bitter cold of our house
and build a fire in the basement, drink some wine
and layer on the clothes...
I think maybe, just maybe the margaritas decided that this plan
was a good idea..
and Then I decided I wanted to be part of the fire building process..
and this is a result of me attempting to build a fire..
I guess the saying is true,
If you play with fire you will get burnt.
{Strike 3 Universe} 

I'm Out. 


  1. Love all the fun pictures you always post. Hoping that cd1 starts soon so you can get to iui!

  2. So you probably wouldn't like to spend a night in our house then....we turn our heat down to 58 every night! But 58 during the day would be really cold. I hope someone is able to head out to your house to fix it soon!

  3. ahh, alexis, i'm so sorry! as always, you keep such a positive attitude and ALWAYS make the best of everything...i love that about you! your room is looking amazing - love those pillows and the mix of pink and blue! glad you had a fun weekend and stayed warm the best you always helps! :)
    sending love and prayers always! xoxo

  4. Sending you great big ((HUGS)) Alexis! I'm so sorry that the universe has been on your case. Hopefully this soon will pass and things will get back to some sort of "normal" I love your attitude and I love your goofy pictures. You and I could totally hang out!! xoxo

  5. I'm loving your new room! Hopefully CD1 will come soon!

  6. The universe is going to make a turn, I can feel it. Your room is looking good!