Friday, March 8, 2013

Fertility Flash Back Friday

Let's go on a little journey backwards 
shall we?! 
We were happily pregnant 
shopping for baby clothes 
starting to show being asked about the pregnancy 
planning our gender reveal party. 
part of me wishes I would've known what was around 
the corner, and the other part of me is glad I didn't 
March 2012 was one of the most exciting times in my life. 

March 2011
We had just sat down with my OB 
the month before and discussed moving on
to fertility drugs if we didn't become pregnant on our 
own in the next 6 months.. 
I wish we wouldn't have wasted that time..

March 2010
We were ttc on our own. 
not knowing that July would bring us a BFP 
followed by an early loss. 

March 2009
Not fully trying but wouldn't mind if it happened

March 2008
All forms of Birth control ditched! 
Surprise BFP in May
followed by an early loss. 

When I look back at our Journey It seems 
so much longer than I thought. 
Looking at March 2008 when we ditched 
any baby prevention we ended up pregnant
3 short months later! Little did we know 
what the road ahead of us looked like...

I started Provera yesterday to help 
bring AF to town... 
I just can't believe that our hopes for 
our IUI in February have come and gone. 
It is now march and looking at the calendar
trying to predict the timing is next to impossible.
If AF doesn't arrive with in the next week 
we won't be doing our IUI until April... 
and April is one month I would like 
to block out of my memory forever. 
I dread April, I dread April 1st 
every time the thought creeps into my mind 
I quickly distract myself. 
I just can't believe it's been almost a  year. 


  1. It is hard to look back and see all the struggle we have went through. Hoping that your future is filled with fertility and babies :)

  2. alexis, when i read everything you've been through and still see you smiling and living your life to its fullest, it just makes me that much more inspired by you. i am hoping and praying provera gets af movin'. sending love and prayers and hoping that april is a wonderful month. <3<3<3

  3. You will get your BFP soon I am sure, maybe March 2013 will be one for the books :) there's still a lot of month left!!

  4. That is a long road, and yet you are so graceful and tenacious at your journey. I hope the next chapter opens for you this month. Keep your spirits up like you are doing, you are going to be such a loving mother.