Tuesday, March 19, 2013

(So Far) All Systems Are A Go!

AF showed Sunday on the car ride
home from TN (post on the trip coming soon) 
I got to skip my baseline since I was just in to 
figure out where my period was hiding. 
So a little blood work was all that was needed! 
I will start Femara tomorrow. 
I've ordered my ovidrel injections 
and made my follicle scan appointment! 
March 29th will be our moment of truth! 
If all goes well (fingers crossed) 
and I responded well to the femara 
we will trigger there at the office 
and come in the following morning for our IUI
March 30th. 
my follicles need a little more growth 
we will wait and trigger Saturday the 30th 
and do our IUI on Monday April, 1st. 
what a crazy twist of fate. 
April 1st is the day we found out that we 
had lost Baby 3, It's a day that we have 
not been looking forward to for a whole year. 
and now it may just be the day 
a miracle occurs...
What will be will be. 
and we are more than ready to 
see, what exactly is, it will be. 


  1. I know a new pregnancy can not take over a lost one, but I hope you get good news from this cycle and end up pregnant with a new chance.

  2. I completely agree with Just T's comment above. I hope the best for you! My fingers are crossed extra hard for you this cycle.

    Thank goodness AF finally showed. Of course it's on a car ride!

  3. So glad that AF showed and that you're on your way! Woo!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you're on your way...you deserve this miracle. Praying for you!

  5. Hooray for your period showing! I'm so happy to hear!! I hope Femara treats you well! I will be thinking about you lots and keeping you in my prayers as always!! Glad you got away...and ahhh, to TN!! Awesome!
    Sending love to you! Your words about last year and this year rang so true...you're gonna get this, Alexis! Xoxox

  6. Sending prayers your way! Grow follies, grow!

  7. Grow, follies, grow! Everything crossed that this is your cycle.