Wednesday, March 13, 2013

If you don't have anything nice to say...

Over the weekend my talented mother and I 
had Show number 2 for LMMB! 
This event was 2 days! 
noon to 5 each day! My wonderful Mother-in-law 
and my bff L came to help out! We had a fabulous time! 
But I will say that first hour my stomach was in 
knots and all I could think was 
Shit, I just cost us $200.00 for this stupid show 
and no one is even going to buy anything. 
Little by little people began to trickle in.
Some would stop, look, touch, then leave. 
some would smile and walk by. 
Some would make comments about the beauty of it all. 
and then there were some that should have just kept walking... 
around hour 3 two ladies approached our table. 
one seemed very interested, the other had a smug look on her 
face and was obviously not enjoying her self. 
Her friend comments on our products and like 
word vomit the other one begins on a rant. 
"I hate this stuff!" "I would NEVER buy anything like this!"
"God, I can't stand stuff like this!" 
{Excuse me?! What did you just say?!}
her poor friend looked horrified. 
I bit my tongue and smiled. 
but in my head all I could think was
{What in the hell?! Who would say something so mean? 
Keep that shit to yourself and move along!}
needless to say, they left pretty fast. 
Of course you always think of the right 
thing to say once the moment has passed. 
 BUT if I could go back to that moment in time 
I would have looked her right in the eye, smiled and said. 
"Didn't your mother ever teach you? If you don't have anything
nice to say, don't say anything at all?!" 
Her rude comments really didn't get us down
in fact I think in some sort of weird way it 
made us sell harder! in the last 3 hours of the show 
we sold over 20 pieces, took 3 custom orders
booked a wedding, and had a very nice lady ask 
us if she could take a stack of our cards to include
 in her baby shower invites listing that she was registered with us!!! 
Day 2 brought more sales and more custom orders! 
I could not have predicted a better turn out! 
This event was hosted by momtopia. 
It was an event for expectant mothers and parents. 
I knew I was in for a challenge seeing loads of loads 
of baby bumps and darling babies. 
But I feel like I really did just fine.
I know my time will come. I just got this feeling of peace
with it all, you never know what someone has been through 
or how hard they worked for the baby they are carrying. 
So I didn't get mad or jealous or upset. 
I got excited and joyful! 
Oh and.. our booth neighbor.. 
was Twin Mom's club! 
Hopefully a sign! a good sign of whats to come! 
Here are some fun pictures from our weekend! 
Carrying all of our stuff in on day 2! 
Waiting for customers 
L waiting and modeling 
One of my favorite pieces sold to the cutest little baby! 

I loved this band too! Isn't this baby darling!
(yes I got approval to use her picture

Oh you know  just completing a transaction! This mother  bought 2!

Our table! all of those lace rompers on the front sold the first day!  

After the show on day 2 we headed to Sammy's
for a celebration Dinner/ Drinks!

A much needed giant beer after one very successful weekend! 
Show me your muscles! Nathan and Scott at Dinner :)
What do you mean the Little Miss Millie's event  is over!? 

Until next time friend :) 


  1. Congratulations on your great success! Your booth looked adorable and all of your pieces are so precious. You are so right that people who have nothing nice to say should say nothing at all. I'm glad that you turned that negativity into motivation!

  2. It was an amazing Weekend! I LOVED seeing the precious little ones in their new accessories!
    You are one tough girl Alexis. A couple of times when I saw the teenage Mom's walking towards us my heart sank for you but you handled it so well.
    You are so right you never know what battles anyone has fought to get to the point of proudly showing a bump. We've learned that all too well!
    Your day WILL come and I better be practicing how to make bow ties just in case it's a boy! lol
    Love you,

  3. Some people think is it their right to spew nasty words out at others whenever they feel the need. Good for you. You acted like a grown person should and that says a lot about your character. Hope you business keeps busy and successful. Much luck to you.

  4. Argh! Thoae kinds of nasty inconsiderate comments really make my newfie blood boil. I love them and I think you and your Mom are the cat's meow! love, love xo

  5. Seriously?!? What is wrong with people? Why in the world do they feel the need to be so rude? I don't get it! Plus, your Little Miss Millie stuff is ridiculously cute (at least the stuff I've seen online!)... I'm not sure how anyone would have anything bad to say about it.

    Anyways, it sounds like you did great this weekend! You really are one of the strongest people. And I totally agree that your time will come :)

  6. Yay! I'm glad it went well despite the rude lady. Your stuff is adorable!

  7. If we have a little girl, we will so be looking into your rompers and hair accessories...SO cute!

  8. OMG, I can't imagine! Good for you on holding your tongue. Congrats on all the sales!!

  9. Yay, what a successful weekend, sounds like a great show! Congrats :)

  10. ohhhh, HOW RUDE??!! you are a sweetheart for biting your tongue. i can imagine if it was my mom and i sitting there, we'd probably do the same. and then after the woman left, say some pretty amazing things about her, followed by some very fun and maybe immature gestures. lol.
    SO happy your mom and you had a great turnout! your stuff is amazing.
    and i love the last photo!!
    sending love and wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo

  11. Congratulations on the huge success! I too feel like I've reached that moment of acceptance and peace about my future, not comparing, and everyone having their own journey to make towards parenthood. Pregnancy bumps are still a bit hard, but nowadays moms and babies make me smile and sometimes even feel excited for what's to come. So glad you've found something similar.

  12. Alexis, I can't believe how rude that girl was! I would have thought it was some sort of candid camera show or someone would pop out and be like, "Haha, you've been punked!" because really, I can't believe anyone would actually act that way in real life. Yikes. I think you handled it so well though. You're definitely above all that, and obviously she was existing in some sort of alternate universe anyway because your stuff is AMAZING!!! I'm so glad you and your mama had such a huge success. You both deserve it :)

    Also, I've said this before, but your attitude towards everything is incredible. Your time will come, I know it. And like you said, who knows how many of those pregnant women had to struggle to get where they are, and who knows when it will be your turn to join them. I'm hoping/praying/crossing everything that it's soon :) xoxo