Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Well that was fun!

Saturday evening wrapped up our 
10 day adventure watching S. 
We had a lot of fun! 
there were only a handful of times 
that I got the typical thirteen year old silent treatment. 
I kept a log of each day, 
what we did, places we went and foods we ate. 
I wanted to be able to look back on day 10 
and say wow we did it! 
Getting up at 5:50am is no joke. 
I would set out some fruit cook some bacon 
and flip on the news. By 6:44 she was out the door 
most days I decided to get ready and go into work. 
But there were a few where I just had to lay back down.
Roxy would be ready and waiting with her
toy by the door every morning
S did my hair and make up
and taught me how to take selfies correctly..
 I never really got the hang of it lol...
I had to work one of the Sunday's so I took her with me
She wasn't too excited about the 7am wake up time
on the weekend so she slept on the 5 minute ride in!
the chinese buffet seemed to cheer her up,
Her fortune cookie read
"pass the bill to the person on your left"...
which just so happen to be me!
 Wednesday we woke up to snow!!
I LOVE SNOW! I was beyond excited!
sadly it all melted by late evening but it was pretty
while it lasted! :)
 Saturday we went to the UD Basketball game.
I have a borderline obsession with attending these games.
My dad has taken me to games since I was a toddler!
We hold season tickets that he shares with me!
It is by far one of my favorite parts of winter!
Besides the snow of course!
Soooooooooo fun!

Saturday evening wrapped up our week ten days of fun!
We headed straight home...
oh wait..that's a lie we stopped at the store to grab
a bottle of wine!
A much needed celebration for
A.) Keeping S alive
B.) Keeping the Dogs alive
C.) Keeping the house from burning down

We DID IT! WooooWhooo!

A little TTC update for you all,
We were on a natural cycle again this month
which of course did not end with a bfp..
But we are grateful for 2 important things..
1. I ovulated! on my own!
2. AF arrived ON TIME!
I see this as a small victory!
Two more weeks till we go back in to
revisit with Dr. D
at that appointment we will be drawling blood
and finalizing our plan of action!
annnnndd I will leave you with this awful
EVAP test that I took the morning before AF started...
The stupidest part about this test is that
that faint line showed up right away
which had me thinking it was the real deal!
But the cramping and spotting later that day
let me know AF was for sure on the way!

Today is CD2...


  1. I HATE evaporation lines! EVIL!! Congrats on surviving the week with S!

  2. Those darn evap lines are so deceiving!

  3. Yay for ovulation! It's the little things. I LOVE that you got "selfie" lessons, ha!

  4. Ugh. Those evaps are the worst. On the bright side it looks like your body is getting back on track. Yay for that! Also looks like u had a blast babysitting.

  5. happy to hear about the ovulation and af coming on time. you are a fighter!!! <3