Sunday, November 17, 2013

My deepest sympathy

It is said that with life there is death. 
Many of us question why. 
It seems to be so cruel 
That someone we love so much
Will just one day leave us. 
Alone in this big world. 
This past week has held more death
Than I can handle. 
The death of two young boys
Of whome I have never met,
But touched the lives of 
Many that I am close to. 
The death of my husband's 
Aunt to whome so many loved 
And cared for deeply. 
And a tiny life lost 
before it could even begin. 
Sweet baby Jude. 
Holly's story flooded the blog 
World a few weeks ago
And I felt myself instantly 
Connected to her. 
She has a strength I have never seen before. 
My heart breaks tonight 
For all of the souls lost this past week. 
Too many too sudden. 
What are we left to do but pray? 
Pray for the ones we love to heal
Pray for the souls lost to find their way
And pray for the grieving to find peace. 
Please take a moment out of your 
Day to tell the ones you love how 
Much they mean to you. 
May Peace be with you. 


  1. There just aren't words enough for all of the pain and loss recently.

  2. You are right, there has been way to much pain and loss this week. My heart breaks for everyone.

  3. Her story is just devastating...too many heartbreaking stories, too many angels.

  4. So much heartbreak. I'm sorry for your family's loss.