Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Believe There Are Angels Among Us

Sent down to us from somewhere up above. 
they come to you and me 
in our darkest hours 
to show us how to live, to teach us how to give 
to guide us with the light of love. 
 -Angels Among Us written by Don Goodman and Becky Hobbs

Yesterday I took four thirteen year old girls shopping...
I'll stop there to fill you in because I can hear you gasping...
I am "teen sitting" S while her and my parents are in Paris. 
 for my parents 30th wedding anniversary. 
She had a friend over yesterday, and my cousin who is also thirteen 
is her friend and wanted to join us, also bringing a friend. 
that is how I ended up with four of them. 
Thank the lord for my friend Jenn who agreed to meet 
us there to help keep me calm. 
Our first stop was going to be forever twenty one 
but as we were walking running to the front door 
S decided she had to use the bathroom first. 
We crossed the street and three of us waited 
while S & her friend went in. 
This is when the angels appeared 
 A tall man, a pretty blonde lady and a shorter lady in blue. 
They very politely told us that they 
were out practicing giving people 
encouraging words. 
They started with K they said very nice things about her
then to D as the pretty blonde was speaking 
the tall man interrupted her saying 
"I'm sorry but ever since we approached you 
you have had a large red angel above you. 
I want you to know that, that angel is always with you
he will never leave your side." 
 what the tall man didn't know is that D's brother had passed 
away some time ago and that his twenty third birthday 
would have been last week. 
was her brother the angel he was speaking of?
I would like to believe so. 
They continued to move around the group 
saying encouraging things to each of the girls. 
each one of them stated something that related 
to their life. They told S she had a true love for animals
and that one day she would make a great veterinarian..
S has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was 6. 
Then they got to me, the blonde spoke to me. 
She told me that I was a great leader, I had a passion 
for teaching people things and that I was a helper of man kind. 
The Greek meaning of Alexis helper of man kind
At this point she did not know my name. 
  The short lady in the blue coat then asked if they 
could practice their healing. 
We were all in shock of everything they
had already done so we decided to let them try. 
They started with S she had a back injury not 
to long ago that was causing her pain
at this point we were all standing in a circle 
and my friend Jenn had joined us. 
S stepped into the center and the pretty blonde 
placed her hand on the small of her back 
the tall mans hands hovered above her head 
and the short lady in the blue coat did the same. 
they began to pray. 
a minute or two later they were done 
and S claimed her pain was gone. 
They ask if she had any other pain
to which she replied her ankle, it was sore from cheer
and she hadn't been able to do a full back flip in two weeks.
they proceeded to heal her ankle, kneeling down 
speaking soft words to god. 
When they finish S exclaims her pain is gone! 
to prove it to us she puts down here things 
and does a full back flip right there on the sidewalk!
her second time ever doing one on concrete 
and she nailed it! 
I think there was a twenty second silence 
as we were all in utter shock. 
They prayed for D's wrist to heal 
and M's lower back pain to vanish. 

As they were concluding their kind words 
I decided to speak up. 
I focused my question to the pretty blonde. 
"Do you do special prayer requests?"
"Could you pray for my infertility?"
and before she could even answer I burst into tears. 
I'm not sure why exactly I think I was just overwhelmed
with so many emotions. I am a true believer that 
everything that happens happens for a reason. 
& I couldn't shake the feeling that those Angels 
were there for me. 
With tear filled eyes the pretty blonde replied
"Of course of course we will" 
"I battled infertility for 6 years
and I have felt your pain" 
"whats your name?"
"Alexis" I replied trying to hold back 
the messy sobbing I felt coming on
She grabbed my shoulders, bowed her head 
and began to pray. 
I wish I could remember her exact words. 
But as I stood there with my eyes closed 
and tears streaming down my face 
I heard nothing, all I remember is 
focusing on the tingling feeling running through 
my entire body as she spoke 
I remember the wind, the wind seemed to be 
so strong in that moment. 
I felt euphoric
 I felt light and free 
I felt peace, happiness and hope. 
I felt joy 
I felt like I was meant to be there 
in that place at that time
with those angels. 

When they finished I opened my eyes 
and she hugged me tightly. 
she whispered in my ear,
"I will continue to pray for you" 
The tall man said
"I see a lot of blue around you" 
"Be prepared to buy boy clothes!"
They then said Thank You,wished us well 
and disappeared into the crowd of holiday shoppers. 
 The rest of the day was a little weird. 
I just felt anxious and nervous
I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened
I couldn't focus on shopping at all. 
All I could do was replay the earlier 
events over and over again in my head. 
Wondering to my self why I didn't 
ask where they were from. 
 how I could find them again. 
I don't know why I would need to 
but I just had the urge to know. 

 I came home and facetimed my mom in Paris
I paced in circles as I waited for Scott to get home. 
They were both in as much shock as I was in. 
But they both told me the same thing. 
Everything happens for a reason. 
You were meant to meet them. 
They were sent to pray for you. 

Just when I started to question my faith... 
The angels appeared. 


  1. I don't have any other words to say but wow, what an awe inspiring experience.

  2. I have tears running down my face. What an amazing experience!!!!

  3. Love that you were randomly covered in prayer! What a special blessing!

  4. WOW...just wow! That's incredible!!

  5. I have chills... What an incredible experience! I am so, so glad they found you! xoxo~

  6. What an amazing story! It made me tear up! I'm so glad you go to meet these people and I hope it inspires you and fills you with enough hope to carry on brought this journey. I believe there are angels among us. I think you were blessed to meet these people!

  7. I'm sobbing right now.
    It is so beautiful that at a time that you are struggling the most these people were placed in your life. Hold onto that feeling that you felt that day and carry it with you on this long road. It wasn't a coincidence...
    "Coincidence is Gods way of remaining anonymous"
    I love you,

  8. i'm sitting here with crazy tears running down my face. i can't stop crying. i feel so emotional just reading this. i can only imagine what you felt and how overcome with emotion you were. what a beautiful, blessed experience. your mom's words above are bringing more tears.
    oh alexis, not a day goes by that i don't pray for you!
    sending so much love. you are beautiful. inside and out. <3<3<3

  9. ps- i love that song. one of my favorite songs at christmastime. i cry every time i hear it. <3