Tuesday, November 5, 2013

App Obsessed?

I'm ashamed to admit it...
but I am app obsessed!
there is literally an app for everything!
Want to know where the cheapest gas is? 
there's an app for that!
Want to know what to cook for dinner?
there's an app for that! 
Want to know your most fertile days?
there's an app for that too! 
My new obsession currently 
is the Ovuline app! 
I have had a menstrual cycle app for years 
but this one... Oh man. 
It blows them all out of the water! 
I literally got an email this morning that read...

It sent me skipping down the hall to find Scott :) 
"Look babe look!"
that's all it took! 

See the little person on the bottom pic 
with the MyQ under it?!
holy crap..
I think that thing could ask you questions 
for daysssss! 

I have been testing my LH level this month, 
I have been taking 
and drinking water like its my job. 
I have lost 11 pounds 
and am hoping this is the reason I am finally 
seeing a positive OPK! 
(hoping to see these pretty pink lines in 2 weeks!) 

If you don't have this app...
GO get it NOW! 
You'll be app obsessed just like me! 

Any other apps out there I need to obsess over?!
Please share!!! 


  1. WOW that looks like a GREAT one! I love how blunt it is, so funny! Hope you catch the egg!!

  2. That is so cool! Plus, hey - an app that tells you that you should have sex? I'll take it! :-)

  3. Cool app, I just downloaded it. I've been using Period Tracker for a long time but this one looks cool. Seems you and I are pretty much on the same schedule ☺

  4. I have that app and love it!!!!

  5. App looks wonderful, i'll check it out. Good luck for this month, i'll be keeping everything crossed for you! You latest post is heartbreaking, yet you still seem so strong. Life can be unfair sometimes. Baby dust.

  6. i hope it lets me comment this time...i tried on your last post and it kept saying "comment can not be empty" lol
    i said "you are one of the strongest women i know <3<3<3'

    and for this post, i say, i'm with ya...i love apps too.
    what an awesome app! congratulations on your weight loss! and ya for the opk!
    i hope you and scott have a beautiful day! xoxox