Thursday, July 16, 2015

Yes I wore Heels To My Egg Retrieval!

This morning was our Egg Retrieval!
I woke up super early 
and straightened my hair 
put on my favorite black top paired with some 
pearls and my new favorite black heels :) 
Feeling pretty always puts me in a better mood 
and I wanted to be in the best mood possible today! 

We arrived a little early to finish up some paperwork 
and pay for the anesthesiologist 
We waited for about thirty minutes before being called back.
It was crazy to walk through the back of the office 
and into a whole new world! We were taken to recovery 
where I changed into my gown and got hooked up to 
my IV and blood pressure cuff.

Shortly after the anesthesiologist came in to go
over a few things and off we went into the retrieval room!
It was a little creepy at first, a dim lit room with lots 
of silver shinny stuff and a gyno bed with huge 
black holsters for your thighs! 
two nurses talked to me while 
the anesthesiologist got me all hooked up 
a few minutes later the dr came in 
and asked one of the nurses to come with him, 
I waited for what seemed like an hour 
with my legs strapped to the bed and 
the annoying oxygen tubes in my nose.
When they finally came back she reassured me 
that the hold up had nothing to do with me 
and that we would get started soon!! 
The embryologist rolled in the giant machine 
and verified that my dishes matched my name and number. 
once everything was verified the 
anesthesiologist said it was time for the sleepy drugs, 
a little nose tingle and then I remember nothing. 

I woke up what seemed like 5 minutes later in the recovery room. 
I just felt sore, and groggy. 
I didn't even say anything crazy! 
The girl that came out before I went back was 
talking about buffalo chicken dip and make up???
I think that scared me into silence! 

Dr. G came in about 10 minutes later to 
let me know he retrieved 8 eggs and that 
my breathing started to diminish and the 
anesthesiologist made them stop where they were 
to wake me up. He never got to the left ovary.
I'm okay with that though I would rather be 
breathing than have a few more eggs!

We were the last surgery of the day 
and had the whole recovery room to our selves 
we were waiting for the embryologist 
to let us know that the ICSI had been completed 
and that we could leave, In the mean time 
our nurse came back and told us Dr. G's 
wife and one of my favorite nurses wanted to serve us lunch!
They had Honey Baked Ham delivered 
and brought us back sandwiches, potato salad, fruit and cookies!

Once we got the all clear I headed with my mom 
to my parents house and Scott headed into work
I took a much need long nap and 
lounged around for most of the day!
My pain is pretty much gone at this point 
and I'm just anxious to hear tomorrows report!!!
Here are so more pics from today!! 

 Here are a couple photos from my egg shoot with my mom
how weird is it that she just so happened to 
hard boil 8 eggs yesterday!!! WEIRD!!

hahah just a little photo shoot humor :)

If your into drinking games, take a shot every time 
I said anesthesiologist :) 

Until tomorrow! 


  1. What a cute photoshoot. Definitely a good way to set a good vibe. Hope those lucky 8 brings u a take home baby.

  2. So glad it went well! Praying for a great report today! Love the photoshoot!

  3. Those pictures are too cute!! So creative :) Sounds like things went well overall, can't wait to hear more!

  4. I love the photoshoot! I wondered at the first picture of heels and eggs how you'd found that on the internet! =P
    keeping FX for those 8 fabulous eggs to make great embryos!

  5. Lookin' good! Glad the egg retrieval worked. Here's hoping they all become healthy embryos!

  6. I'm so glad things are going so well for you!! I pray for these envies to make it to day five and be 5 strong potential little beings!! This is your turn!!