Monday, July 13, 2015


July 13th 2015

Day 3 E2  155
Day 5 E2 508
Day 7 E2 1058
Day 9 E2 1757

Follicle scan today showed 25 follicles 
most measuring 14mm to 17mm 
Another ultrasound a lab is set for tomorrow 
and it is looking like our retrieval will be
Thursday July 16th 2015! 

So far (knock on wood) I've felt pretty good! 
around day 5 I started using a heating pad which seems 
to be helping quite a bit. 
I would describe the full ovary pain like a runners cramp 
just a constant pain in your side. 
I read somewhere yesterday that 
when your follicles are around 18mm they 
are the size of green grapes... 
So all I can picture now are a bunch of grapes 
hanging out in my pelvis. 
My right side is still the leader with 16 follies! 
I feel good about these numbers. 
I know this is a banking / freeze all cycle 
and I'm doing a pretty good job of not obsessing 
over everything, like how many I have 
how big they are, what the averages are, 
how big their supposed to be..ect.. 
I'm just kind of "going with the flow" 
Day 9 I started to feel a little like I could cry on command. 
or at something as stupid as a tide commercial. 
but I feel like those emotions come and go. 
I definitely don't feel crazy like I did that one time 
I took 250mg of clomid in one month %-O

I'm planning to take Wednesday off work to relax 
before Thursday. 
Then Thursday Scott and I will go in together 
and about an hour later my mom will meet us there. 
The procedure should take about 15-20 minutes 
and then an hour plus in recovery.
After that I will be going to my parents to sleep 
while Scott heads back to work. 
I also took Friday off to just chill and make sure 
my body is fully recovered. 
I will also be taking a medication to prevent OHSS 
Dr. G said before he started using this med, 
he would have 2 or more cases of OHSS a month
now that he has it on bored he hasn't had a case in 2 years!

Science is pretty freaking cool. 

I'll try and update tomorrow too and then 
I'll be back on Thursday or Friday to let you know 
how many eggs were retrieved! :) 


  1. How exciting!! I wish I was on a medication to prevent OHSS because it was not fun at all. I honestly prefer frozen cycles over fresh. It allows ur body to get back to normal and u not being pumped with millions of hormones.

  2. 25 sounds like a great number to start with for sure!! Yay for keeping OHSS away :)

  3. I am so excited for you and this cycle. I haven't been this excited about a cycle since my own! Lol

  4. I hope everything happened as scheduled and went well! Thinking of you!