Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Well IUI # 4 was a bust..
I would like to say I'm surprised but I'm not. 
The 2ww is always weird for me.. 
the first week its like oh ya this is it! 
and the second weeks it's like F*^$ it didn't work..
Then Beta day comes and I'm either cramping 
or bleeding so I know I'm out. 
I will say though that this office 
has got me in such a better place. 
I love my nurses and I love my dr. 
We go back Tuesday for a baseline. 
We will be doing another IUI while we get 
on the list for IVF.. 
(The office is new so IVF isn't offered until May) 
We will talk about adding injectables 
and trying to boost the amount of eggs I'm producing 
to better our odds. 
In the meantime we will be adding our names on the IVF 
list and getting everything in line for May.. 
Thanks for the prayers and well wishes on this last cycle!
Here we go again... 


  1. I have a vial of Follistim that will expire in later in the year. Let me know if they put you on this medication. I think its the 900IU

  2. I have probably 8 crinone left if for whatever reason they give you that for Progesterone and you'd like it. Hoping the next IUI works and you don't need it!!

  3. Well I don't have useful meds but I hope everything works out for you.

  4. I hope this next IUI works because you just deserve this SO much!

  5. Hugs- here is to this last IUI being the ONE! <3

  6. I wish I could do something to help. :( you're still on my radar and I will celebrate like crazy when you get your much awaited bfp! Well...baby in your arms. I'm so mad for you this cycle didn't work! You handle it so much more gracefully and dignified than I ever could imagine! This patience is going to serve you well in mommy hood. You're going to be fantastic. Hope it's sooner than later!

  7. #5 was our magic number. Praying it is for you too!!! Xoxo hugs lady!

  8. so sorry IUI#4 was a bust... hoping and praying the next one is IT!