Monday, March 2, 2015

CD Eleven... IUI Four

This morning went well, 
I had my follicle scan today on CD 11
the left side is taking charge 
with 3 lead follicles 
16mm, 12mm and 11mm 
I go back on Wednesday to check their growth. 

My lab tests came back as well. 
Everything looked great, 
my ovarian reserve is good, thank god. 
and my "pcos'ieness" came back 
slightly elevated. 
Dr. G thinks these insulin levels maybe 
what has been causing my miscarriages. 
when your insulin levels are high you have 
a 50% chance of miscarriage. . . . 
why the F*&^@ didn't anyone 
ever push this information in my face before?!
I have been on Metformin yes. 
and anyone who has been on metformin 
knows how lovely it is. So I must admit
when we weren't cycling I was pretty lax on taking it. 
If I would have known that all along it could 
have been affecting my ability to carry a baby 
I would have been taking that shit like it was my job. 
ugh..-_- Now I know.....
So were hoping that this increased dose 
of metformin along with the other supplements 
we can control my levels and have a healthy pregnancy. 
We will determine the date for IUI #4 on Wednesday. 
I am hoping they all three step up their game 
and are ready for trigger Wednesday night!
In other news..
I am down 11lbs and 2 points off my BMI 
after 30 full days of Carb Free / Gluten Free 
I'm pretty pumped about these numbers! :) 
Carb free isn't fun. 
The first 3 days of headaches were killer 
but it eventually got better. 
Now my only real challenges are..
Dinning out.. 
Eating dinner at someones house..
getting to the starvation point..

Dining out I've learned is all mental..
for example..
I went to Fridays on Friday lol..
for a work meeting and chose to get 
the sizzling chicken and shrimp which 
just so happens to come with a side of mashed carbs potatoes
so while looking at the menu I was like ok no big deal 
I can just sub it out for broccoli..
but as we waited for the server my mind crept to dark places..
"what if I "forget" to say no mashed potatoes" 
"I mean their already on my plate I should just eat them" 
"How many carbs can there really be in mashed potatoes" 
"No no no, no mashed potatoes just say broccoli"
So the server returns to the table and I raise my hand 
to order first because I know if I don't get the word broccoli
out of my mouth now I'm going to end up with a 
belly full of potatoes and a guilty mind. 
So broccoli it was.. and when It came to the table I  
was so happy I made the right choice!
Eating at peoples houses is more of a challenge
to me than dinning at a restaurant!
I mean you don't want to be rude. 
But you also don't want to go into full detail 
about why you can't eat their display of carbs.. 
I try to go straight for the veggie tray. 
Eating before starvation has been tricky
when you aren't eating carbs you are eating 
A LOT more food. vegetables are great 
but as for filling, you get an hour or two out of them
protein is where its at, it fills you up and keeps you full
but when it starts to wear off, you're hungry almost instantly
and when that happens those bad thoughts start to creep back in..
"maybe I'll just grab a wrap.." 
"Chicken nuggets are quick they can't be that bad" 
I've learned I must have crave curber's with me at all times.
Bag of mixed nuts, a string cheese, some yogurt 
something to keep my brain entertained until I can get home to cook. 
Speaking of Cook...
That's the other challenge of this new lifestyle
almost everything must be cooked or prepared. 
I love cooking I hate cleaning.. 
there for I dread making a mess. 
and 9 times out of 10 I clean before I cook 
and then after I cook. Which is too much cleaning for me. 
But I am almost always satisfied with every meal. 
I finish eating what ever it is I have just slaved over 
and think, That was so worth it. 
One thing I've lacked is working out. 
I have to take things in small doses. 
And changing your life to carb free gluten free 
is a huge F*^#$ing deal.. 
So the gym misses me...but I'll get there. 
I swear.

If your the praying type we would 
appreciate some prayer for our 4th IUI 
coming up at the end of the week! 
If not well wishes will do just as good! :)
Thanks So Much!! 


  1. This is exciting!! Prayers for you for sure!! Also congrats on the weight loss!! Eating carb free is huge and I so need to the same.

  2. I'm definitely the praying type and have and will continue praying for you! No Carbs is so rough at first, now it's become second nature for me. I promise, it does get easier the longer you do it...and the more my body got used to getting it's energy from protein, rather than sugar/carbs, the less hungry I felt/feel! :)

  3. Super prayers for you this week! And well done on the carb-free diet! Must be super challenging!

  4. So exciting!! I've tortured myself with Metformin for years for fear of miscarriage, I can't believe no one told you that information before! I think the Pregnitude actually worked better for me than the Metformin. You're doing great with a low-carb diet, it's hard! I found that Greek Yogurt Fage to be really high in protein and super filling.

  5. Let's go IUI4!!!
    And awesome on the weight loss going carb-free - I can imagine the numbers are rewarding after a hard month!!

  6. Congratulations on the weight loss as well as being able to go carb free. Praying this IUI is thee one!

  7. Come on IUI #4! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)