Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Today is 1dpIUI number 4!~
Our first IUI with our new Dr. 
It went excellent! 
It did hurt a bit more than before 
and I feel like I cramped longer 
but it was probably because I stayed 
home from work all day and had nothing 
to do except symptom spot! 
Scott's sample was great and I think 
that had a lot to do with a few key factors...
He has now been a non smoker for 8 weeks!
he cut back on his caffeine intake January 1 
He has been taking CoQ10, Fertile Aid for Men, 
a mens one a day and  fiber since January.
I had one lead follicle that was a 19.5 on Friday, 
We triggered Saturday night so hopefully it gave it time 
to grow a bit more! I ovulated from my Left side this month. 
My lining was nice and plush at a 12mm
I have been drinking POM juice and am starting my Pineapple
sometime tonight or tomorrow. 
I am trying my hardest to use my power of positive thinking, 
visioning it working and what is happening inside my body right now. 
I keep telling myself I am making a baby. 
Everything is where it should be and I am now making a baby.
Wednesday I start prednisone for my elevated NK cells
and I will take the "Booster" shot to help 
increase my progesterone and keep everything nice and cozy.
This means absolutely no POAS!
I will have bloodwork Monday the 16th to check
progesterone and then Monday the 23rd will be
Man I hope this works! 
Fingers Crossed!!! 
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to see real time updates on our cycle! 


  1. So excited for you! Love the positive thinking!

  2. Oh how I am praying on bended knee for you! Seriously, this is YOUR time and we are SO hopeful for you! May you find peace in your hearts over these next two weeks and know that we are all behind you on this! Blessings to you!

  3. Hope this is the lucky cycle!

  4. Prayers for this cycle to be the "one"!!! <3