Monday, July 21, 2014

Wombs For Rent...

It's simply amazing to me the amount of 
offers I have received on renting a womb!
Five very close friends and relatives have now 
offered me their space for rent! 
The generosity brings tears to my eyes 
and tugs at my heart. 
How could they be so kind? 
I hate to admit it but I could never offer my womb
maybe it's because I have yet to have children of my own?
Maybe it's because I haven't experienced the wonders of being really pregnant?
Maybe it's because I yearn to feel a baby kick and wiggle inside my belly?
I really don't know. 
But I do know that I am beyond thankful for these offers. 
Words can't describe the feeling I get
 to know the love these woman have for me. 
So would I rent a womb?
and who's womb would I pick?!
I've thought about it before. I have. 
But I am just not ready to end the fight. 
I want to carry my own child. 
I don't feel completely defeated yet. 
and until I do, I'll just keep on trying. 
As for who's womb I would pick. 
That's a VERY hard question to answer. 
Each of these woman is special to me in different ways 
I love them all dearly. 
I fear I would upset the others by picking one. 
I guess if it ever comes down to it, the final picks 
will be drawn from a hat?!?! 
Really though how would you pick? 
As for updates on my womb...
It's just hanging out..
ovulating and such..
ya. you read that right. 
I ovulated.. already.. 
I had all the symptoms and I just kept thinking 
there is no way? No freaking way?
But after much googling, a call to my nurse and a positive opk
I found out it's very true and its 100% possible. 
So that's cool. 
I guess?
Although I most likely wont ovulate again on my own 
for months, hell maybe even years. 

I haven't officially picked a new Dr. yet
there are 3 that we are trying to decided on.
But I just don't feel ready to pick up the phone
and make that dreaded first appointment. 
I mean how many times can I tell my story 
over and over and over again. Each time reliving 
the moments in time I beg to forget?
I just need a little more time.

Thanks for all the comments and emails 
on my last two posts! It's so great to know you're all still 
here rooting us on!! Much love to each and everyone of you!! 

XoXo The Warricks~


  1. Aw I think if you did chose someone to carry for you, the others who volunteered would just be happy that you'd get the chance to be a mommy!

  2. That is sweet that you have so many people who've offered you their womb. Some people are just so selfless.

  3. Love this. One of the most touching moments in life is when my best friend offered her body. Womb, eggs, whatever I wanted.

    I wrote you a really long comment a couple posts back regarding te miscarriage during vacation, and I lost it all as I accidentally hit sign out instead of publish. I couldn't recreate it, but I'm here! Reading! Hoping! Praying!

    Good luck with the new doc! It's a fresh start. Tell them everything knowing all the details will get you to the bottom of this!