Friday, July 12, 2013

What the What?! (Update)

What the What!?! 
It's Mid JULY!! 
Where in the world is carmen sandiego time going?!
This is what we have been up to as of late.. 
• Random cornfield pic •Stormy weather •Scott lost a bet 
•Boating fun •Island fun! •Sparklers! 
•RedWhiteBlue •Gas up the boat •Hat day 

On July 3rd Scott and I decided to head up North to Indian Lake 
Our plans were to camp out in the woods for a couple days and 
just forget about life. On our way up we found out some family 
friends were staying in a cabin on the lake and had an extra bed for the night! 
We decided to shack up with them since the weather wasn't playing nice. 
We had a lot of fun despite the rain. 
On July 5th we headed 30 minutes west to meet 
with my cousin for lunch we stopped in this cute little town 
where we shopped at a few of the local antique stores 
and had lunch a cute little country home cookin' type of place. 

*Such a cute model I have :) 

When we got home that day we decided we hadn't 
quite had enough fun! 
So we unpacked, showered, changed 
and headed down to the casino! 

Did you know?! The Angels Live in The Pink Clouds! 

Such an amazing sky! 

A view from the parking garage of the casino! 

Momma said..."Never let your shegga touch a public toilet seat...
I seconded that and added never let your clutch touch the bathroom floor!" 
He was in the zone...I like to hide when he is winning! It seems to bring
him more luck if I don't watch! :)

The rest of the weekend we relaxed and worked on a couple 
more things around the house getting it 100% ready for showings 

This past week we met up with my cousin and her boyfriend 
to go to a local baseball game! 

Scott found 2 foul balls in the bushes right outside the stadium! 
He was super excited! On our way out he ran into an old 
friend who just happens to be a manager there, He 
took one of the foul balls to get all the players to sign it! 
It was a perfect ending to a great night! 

Then this week I got to deal with this.... 
(don't get excited it doesn't end with a happily ever after) 
No those are not teeth, they are pearls that are on my cell cover..
This test had the FAINTEST of Faint lines on it
and when I held it to light it popped right out...
So like the addict that I am I took another one the next day
 and got another FAINT of FAINT lines...

 SO I waited one more day and broke out this bad boy.. 
 Stupid freaking digital tests... take all the fun out of assessing the lines... 

Now a quick back story in case you are sitting there scratching your head 
going "But she was out of town, that's why they couldn't cycle" 
Well my friends... 
The day before the morning that I was leaving Vegas 
to come back to Ohio I woke to EWCM... 
not just a little, like a my body was doing it's job! 
I quickly pulled out my cell and saw that my Dark green day 
was set for Friday...The day I would be home! 
So could it be? Was my body really on track? 
We BD all weekend hoping maybe we could catch an egg! 
Aunt Flo was due today, and she hasn't yet made 
her grand appearance... 
But this mornings digital flashed it's big nasty words at me.. 
SO I am at a loss. 
I guess only time will tell.....(update) time told alright, around 3pm I started cramping..AF is officially here :( it's soooo crazy because I had absolutely no indication that she was coming! No spotting no cramping no bloating no pimples NOTHING!!! Ugh stupid universe! Anyways thanks for all your loving encouraging comments!! You all are truly the best!!!

Have a lovely weekend my lovelies! 


  1. Could it be that your levels aren't high enough for a digital to pic up yet? The lines on that second test are very obvious.

  2. I'm in the same boat my friend. Light line on two tests but I was tracking nothing this month and I mean nothing. Here's to hoping we both receive some much deserved good news soon. Thinking of you my friend xo

  3. i've been thinking about you, alexis!! oh, those stinking's amazing to see PREGNANT on them but NOT PREGNANT - grrrrr! i'm gonna be sending some extra big prayers that the "NOT" doesn't show up on your next test!!! :) :)
    so glad you've been having a wonderful time! i love your photos! the town looks so cute! and i love your 4th of july outfit! wishing you a happy, POSITIVE weekend!! xoxoxox

  4. Hoping that your levels aren't quite high enough for a digi yet!!!

    Also, aw! I'll think of that whenever I see a pink cloud!

  5. Both of those lines are very visible! I hope it's just too early to pick up on digital!!!

  6. I just said the biggest prayer I could for you!!! The first time I took a digital mine said "not pregnant". A few days later I took one and it said pregnant. And I'm very much pregnant right now. It def could be too early for the digi to pick up on it. I'm crossing everything for you right now!!!!!!

  7. Those lines are not faint at all!!! I think it's a BFP and it's just too early for the digital...don't forget that their sensitivity is way lower than the average early response pee stick. Oh my gosh, Alexis, I am hoping and praying SO hard!! AHHHH!!

  8. I am so praying it's just too early for the digi to read it...hope this is the one for you!!

  9. If I can see them on apic they're not faint. Maybe your levels are not high enough for the digital to detect. Agh! Only time will tell. Hoping for good news!!

  10. I'm sorry AF showed her ugly self, especially after the mindf*ck with the tests. :(