Monday, July 1, 2013

Brief Hiatus...I can explain!

Good Morning My Lovely's~ 
I am ashamed at how long it has been since I have written! 
I do apologize! 
It has been One. Busy. Summer.
Holy Moly! 
When I last left you we had just finished our 3rd IUI 
which resulted in a BFN...
We were forced by travel to take a cycle off
and in the mean time we are searching for a new Dr.
We are also in the process of selling our house! (AH)
and I just returned from Las Vegas!
Oh and Scott bought a new car!
Lots of life changing events happening right now!

Let me back track to Lucy's Birthday
which happened before I left for Vegas.
I got the girls together and we headed to Brio at the Greene
It's a very nice pricey Italian restaurant where they
just happened to have $5 Martini night!

That Friday Scott decided
to go look at the car he wanted for the 2305972 time...
& ended up driving off the lot with it that night!

It's a 2013 Ford Fusion Eco Boost as you can see
He is just a little excited!

Saturday Morning I finished packing and we headed over to my
parents to drop me off. My Dad was receiving an
award for The Bowling Proprietor of the Year for the State of Ohio
It's a pretty huge deal in the bowling world!
My mom came along to watch him receive his award!
Here are a few of the awesome moments in time I captured!

Beer Time • Cafe entrance inside the Paris hotel
• Me Mom and Dad before we left
• a much needed lemon drop martini to entertain us
since our flight was delayed
• The view from my room! • another cold one
• a much needed vodka on the rock for the plane ride there!
• Mom and I making our were scared faces on the plane
• Getting ready to go out the first night

 • My dads ring and a blurry picture of him on stage
• Momma and Dad before the awards ceremony
• Bruce and Cathy!~ Bruce came and spoke at one of our meetings
• Awards breakfast, Violinist preforming for us
(They are Celine Dion's violinists...NBD)

 • Mom and I at the welcome reception
• an accidental picture that turned out pretty cool
• Me with my badge ready for my first day a meetings
• My lobster dinner that was no bigger than the palm of my hand
• a view of the city from the Eiffel Tower Restaurant
• One proud daughter and her dad!
• Ready to go to dinner night 3
• Mom and I at dinner night 3
• Me taking Selfie's waiting on mom

• Vip Pass to a pre party for the LOVE show
• Mom and I again :) • Downtown love
• Love • Beatles Entrance • Beatles Love
• downtown discount liquor • In line again • Oh just Taylor Hicks

 • Me and Alan (from The Hangover)
•Me and Mom at the Hangover Suite!
•The tiger and the view from the Hangover suite!

Just a recap of our week there;
We had a cocktail party to attend every. night.
except Wednesday night, we went to a wedding!
It was hilarious and awesome...
Elvis married them..
We saw Celine Dion and weren't overly impressed..
We went to an exclusive cocktail party at
The Hangover Suite (freaking awesome) at Caesars Palace
where I met Alan from The Hangover Movie
(Okay it wasn't really him but he looked just like him!)
We went to the LOVE Cirque Du Soleil at the Mirage
and had dinner and cocktails at the top of the Eiffel Tower twice.
Oh and throw in some random shopping and gambling and maybe a
stop or two at the circle bar!
That was all at night!
During the day I attended meetings and seminars all day..
I have never done my hair and make up so much in my life!
I would wake up at 7 take a shower do my hair and make up
go downstairs sit in meetings grab lunch then go back to meetings
then come up around 5pm take another shower do my hair and make up
then go to which ever event was scheduled for that night!
By the third evening I was so tired of doing my hair and make up I could have cried!
I don't know how celebrities do it! lol..
To say I lived on 5 hour energies and Starbucks is an understatement,
with out them I would have crashed and burned by night 2!
I am so happy that I had the privilege of attending this event
and can't wait until next year! 2014 Bowl Expo will be held in
Orlando Florida! Then back to Vegas for 2015!

I will be back this week to talk about our ttc plans
and other lovely things in life!
Welcome to my new followers I love that you are here!
and can't wait to check out your blogs!
Have a Lovely week Everyone!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy that you are back!
    Oh wait I was with you all week, lol. I'm just happy that you posted!!
    It makes me tired just reading all that you/we did.
    Love you!

  2. Vegas is a blast! I cannot wait to go back. Congrats to your dad!!!

  3. Vegas is so much fun and it looks like you got a lot in during this trip!! I'm excited to hear about your ttc plans!

  4. Welcome back! Looks like an amazing trip!

  5. Glad your back and gave us this lovely update. Looks like an amazing trip!!

  6. So glad you had such a good time! I love all the pictures and can't wait to hear about your ttc plans! XO

  7. i've been thinking about you and loving all your IG photos. you and your parents had soo much fun in las it! you and your mom look so much pretty, and always having a blast!
    so glad that this summer is treating you well! and congratulations on the new car. our friends have a fusion and love it! it's such a sharp car! sending love and prayers! hope you had a wonderful fourth! looking forward to your next post! xoxoxo