Monday, July 29, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

 Cali was AMAZING! 
I can not even describe the beauty that state holds! 
we had the pleasure of visiting Carmel California 
which is about 2 hours south of San Francisco! 

We left Thursday the 18th and flew into San Jose
as soon as we arrived we rented a car and were on 
our way south to meet up with Colleen and her fam! 
We spent the day getting our nails and toes done 
while sipping champagne and chatting away. 
Thursday night we headed to Pebble Beach 
Country Club for an exclusive pizza party! 
What an amazing place! We had a blast! 
When the party ended we headed back to a small bar 
named Brophys it was directly in front of our hotel! 
It was "the spot" for the rest of the trip! 
Friday Morning Scott went golfing with the guys 
while Kate and I explored the town! 

This is the only thing that sounded like it could cure 
the draft beer hangover... The mashed potatoes made it down
the french onion soup however did not.. 
We finished up our shopping and made it back in time 
to start getting ready for the rehearsal! 
Which I sadly have only 1 picture of! 
I was trying to stay totally concentrated on my job duties! 
I found out quickly that high heels and wet grass 
did not mesh...nor did the gaps in the bridge! 
So after dinner Kate and I ventured back up highway 1 
to find a kohls! :) I found some perfect flats and a new 
pair of kicks for Scott! 
Saturday morning came fast, Kate and I met the girls 
over at the Mission Ranch around 9am and the fun began! 

And because I am super picky Cool 
I had 3 dresses for the day!! 
Colleen requested that since we all showed up 
with a white dress we all wore white for the ceremony 
then I had a blush dress made by my moms bestie 
that I wore for the reception! Then... 
we had a pub crawl where I wore my third 
and final dress :) 

photo credit to Majesta Patterson

Before we knew it, it was time to walk down the isle! 
I borrowed this pic from a friends Instagram! :) 
Us 5 girls (I'm in the bottom right) and Maggie Colleens mom and her 
grandpa are in the far left corner

I LOVE his outfit! :) 

This house was built around this tree! 

Stay tuned for part 2 of My Best Friend's Wedding! 
• The reception, pub crawl and final day spent in San Fran •


  1. You looked gorgeous! Hope we get pics in all three dresses!

  2. You looked beautiful! I love Cali. So Cal is my favorite but really I'll take the whole coastal part of the state. Can't wait for the rest of the details!

  3. Awesome pictures - looks like you guys had a fun trip! :)

  4. Where does time go?!
    Wasn't it just yesterday that you girls were pushing her bunnies in strollers, driving the riding lawn mowers to each other's homes, driving around in your convertible?!! :,,,(
    You both looked soooooo GORGEOUS!
    What a fun trip.
    Love you,

  5. You look gorgeous and that sounds like an absolutely wonderful trip and wedding. :)

  6. hey there i havent checked on you for a while.
    but i really have to say that you look fabulous!

    keep us updated on your ttc dear :)

    xoxo tina

  7. Sounds like an amazing trip! And the wedding looks beautiful - as do you! :-)

  8. Eeek! You are making me impatient for my trip to Cali. Looks like you had a blast. The wedding pics are beautiful.

  9. your friend was a gorgeous bride! and you are beautiful, alexis! i loved your dress and i LOVE your hair. you can wear your hair any color and look fabulous! you and scott are a beautiful couple! i'm so glad you had an amazing trip and a great time celebrating. <3 looking forward to your next post! xoxox
    happy hump day!

  10. You and Scott...such beautiful peoples!