Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pack 'em up move 'em out!

Soooooo do you all remember my post(s) on my 
 and how I am so 
"All or Nothing" 

Well we are back on the Moving train! 
We kept going back and forth as to whether to list our home.
there were so many pros and cons to the whole thing 
that we just couldn't make up our mind. 
But with in the last 3 months 3 houses in our 
neighborhood have sold for asking price.. 
One was only on the market for a month! 
This got us excited and ready to move forward! 
We contacted my great aunt (our Realtor) 
and she is set to come out Saturday morning! 
Last week we went and got a storage unit 
and a million and one boxes! 
We have already started "decluttering" everything! 
Last night L and I spent 4.5 hours in the kitchen alone! 
Tonight we are going back at it to complete the kitchen / dining room.
Then move on the the bathrooms and bedrooms.. 
I basically want the house to be "show" ready by Saturday.
I am planing to hire a cleaning company to come once a week
to keep it sparkling clean for showings. 
We are shooting for 3-4 weeks to have that sign in our yard! 
Where will we move you ask?
Good question! 
We know some of the areas that we would love to be in..
and I did find this house that is just a little more than what we were
looking to spend.....But...
I am hoping by the time we list and sell that the price will be reduced a little.. 
and we are also praying that our current house gets appraised higher than
we are thinking.. If all goes well I will be living in this beauty in no time! :) 

ttc front... No news is good news?
Not much is happening I did have some 
slight cramping last night (8dpiui) 
and I am still  holding strong on not testing.. 
6•13•13 is closer than it feels..right?!

Step away from the pee sticks! 


  1. Sounds like you guys have been busy! Maybe putting a house on the market is the right motivation I need to go through all the "stuff" in our house...seems like each time I go through a room, we just end up with more piles of stuff in the basement! Good luck :)

  2. Moving is such a bitter/sweet feeling. That is a lovely home you are looking forward to buying.

  3. Good luck moving! I hope you guys sell quickly. I think you have a great plan to keep a cleaning service coming it. It's extremely difficult to keep a big house clean by yourself - especially SHOW clean!

  4. Moving is so much work! It sounds like you have a great chance to sell your house in a reasonable time frame. Hoping this cycle is a success! Glad you have things to keep you busy though.

  5. Good luck with the move and FX for you this cycle!

  6. hello, my friend. I've been thinking of you and am glad to be catching up. i'm wishing you lots of luck with moving and of course, tons of luck with this cycle! no news IS good news and i hope and pray for you ALWAYS!! XOXOX

  7. Awww, good luck! That's so exciting, and I LOVE the looks of the house you have your eye on! I am wishing you tons of fast-sell luck. Not sure that's a term, but...I figure you get it, right? :)

    C'mon, 6/ better get here and bring some EXCELLENT news!