Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer 2015

I can't begin to explain how happy I am that summer 
is quickly coming to an end! 
I am not one for heat, or frizzy hair. 
I don't like my legs sticking to my leather truck seats 
and I hate sweating off my bronzer. 
Give me fall and winter year round and I'm happy. 
I wanted to jot down some fun things we did this summer 
other than IVF, I mean IVF is fun but I want to remember
 non related IVF stuff too! 

So my baby cousin graduated :)
He was my real life baby doll as a kid! 
my mom babysat him 5 days a week 
I would get home from school 
and play with him until my aunt picked him up! 
I even taught him how to walk at 10 months!
It's hard to believe how old he is now :( 
I see big things in his future and can't wait 
to watch him transition into being an adult! 

At the very end of May Scott and I took a long weekend 
down to see my cousin and her girls :) 
She was promoted to a new position in the Air Force 
and moved from Florida to Alabama 

We made a trip down to see the twins in early June
before our trip to Florida in July ♥

3 days before our trip to Florida I had a freak out moment 
about my hair color and health and decided to go back dark :0
I'm still rocking the dark but definitely missing the blonde! 

At the end of June Scott and I road tripped down to 
FL to meet up with my parents for our 
annual Ft Lauderdale trip! 
We ended up leaving a day early to head down 
and planned to camp in a tent on the beach..
4 hours into our drive (we left at 10pm) 
we hit really really bad weather in Kentucky.
The part of Kentucky where there is nothing
It was raining so hard you couldnt see anything 
and the truck was hydroplaning all over the highway
we pulled off at the first exit we could find 
and decided to sleep for a few hours until the storm passed
our hotel choices were slim and we ended up in a $60 dollar 
room, the ones where your scared to pull back the covers. 
The storm was still going strong and about 5 mintues after we laid 
down a lighting bolt hit the power line right outside our room! 
It was insanely scary and I'm a storm lover! 
So much for sleeping! 
Once we got up and got back on the road 
I decided there was no way in hell I was sleeping 
in a tent. on sand. I needed a real bed and a real shower!
So Scott agreed and let me pick out the hotel! 
I picked the pinkest hotel florida has to offer :) 
everything in this hotel was pink! and it was perfect! 
The next morning we went to breakfast and then 
picked my parents up from the airport
those brats were living it up for the week in Vegas!
 Everything from that point on was just pure relaxation!
 The cutest resort ever we've been coming to for years
 Our pool is pretty much on the beach 
and since you cant burn your feet or get eatin by a shark 
in the pool that's were I decided to stay :)
 A lot of red solo cups and lounging around :)
and my dollar store hat to keep my face wrinkle free!
We played an intense game or two of shuffleboard to pass 
the evening hours while others napped :)
At the end of the week my parents decided 
they wanted to stay a few extra days so Scott and I flew home
He had work and I had an ultrasound scheduled for our IVF cycle
Flying was SO MUCH NICER than that god awful 18 hour drive
I mean I love a good road trip but 18 hours is just too damn long. 

8.8.15 One of my very best friends tied the knot!
by pure luck I found her the perfect venue 
 are they not the cutest!
 yes I have a beer in my hand it was 100 degrees 
 it was a fabulous weeding and so so so much fun!! 

Mia being a Ham on the way to the rehearsal dinner 

On the 10th my mom and I went to our first 
concert ALONE! we saw REBA!!! 
We had an absolute blast! 
  On the 22nd Scott and I went with my parents to 
see 3 doors down! 
My dad and I have seen them about 5 times now!
they put on a great show! 
Unfortiountly my cell died right before 
the concert started so I got two pictures -_-
 Yes we tailgate 
The next weekend Scott and I joined 
my dad and his friends son Vito 
to a Bengals vs. Bears preseason Football game!
which was also a blast! 

 Before the game! 

This weekend we are taking it easy! 
Our transfer is one week from today!! 
I'm so ready for fall and winter!

Just seven more days...
I can't wait!!!! 

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  1. Looks like a great time! Thinking of you over the next week!