Friday, September 18, 2015


The day was finally here.
We woke up early and got ready for the day! 
The day that we would transfer 
our one and only perfect embryo! 

We were the last apt of the day, 
which we learned to love, you get ALL 
of the attention when you go last! :) 

We didn't wait long before we were called back 
and given our outfits to change into! 
Scott got dark blue scrubs, 
a hair net, shoe covers and a mask. 
He was so giddy in that moment while we changed. 
I loved every second of it. 
Seeing pure joy on your husbands face 
is the best feeling in the world. 

Soon after we changed the nurse came to get us 
and Dr. G followed behind, He had a picture in his hand 
of our embryo right after they froze it. 
He handed us the picture and said a few encouraging words 
and off we went
we walked into the operating room 
and the embryologist was waiting for us 
our tiny ball of cells was up on the screen. 
I though for sure I would cry. 
But the smile on my face was too big. 
She went over our information and verified that 
we were the parents of the tiny human she held in her hands.
Right after that I was told to lie back so we could 
proceed. I thought for sure it would feel like an IUI
that little snip of pain that only lasts for a few seconds. 
But I felt nothing! 
I couldn't really see the screen because I was tilted 
almost upside down. So instead I stared at Scott 
while I head my Oma's rosary and prayed. 
a quick 5 minutes later I was sat up and 
Dr. G turned the screen toward us! 
and replayed the video he had just created. 
We watched as he inserted the cathitor 
and pushed our little Embryo into my uterus. 
It was a magical moment. 
Seeing it float out of the tube and into my body. 

We got another picture and headed back to the room to change.

 We were told to get some food and take it easy for the day. 
All I wanted was my couch and some Panera. 
Scott took the entire day off which was so nice. 
We just laid around and watched movies. 
he waited on me hand and foot :) 

The next day my mom came over baring 
TONS of groceries! 
A little quick side story...
Two days before the transfer I was rushed 
to the ER with extreme shortness of breath and pain 
in my upper right abdomen. 
Turns out I have a crap load of gall stones! 
There was no need for emergency surgery 
as my gall bladder was not inflamed or infected. 
and we were cleared by multiple doctors to proceed 
with the transfer. 
With that being said. My whole diet had to change. 
IF I was going to be pregnant I had to manage 
my gall problems so that surgery would not have to happen. 
Gall bladder diets suck. 
But my mom found some great recipes and 
stocked us up on all of the foods that I can eat! 
She cooked for me all day. 
It was so nice to have here there! 
I must have asked her 100 times if she would just move it :)
My Aunt L showed up later in the afternoon 
to check up on me and drop off a few gifts! 
I loved having visitors and I couldn't help but envision 
9 months from now when people would be coming 
to visit the baby! 
The day after that my MIL came to visit! 
She brought me panera! haha I was on a roll 
and it was the only thing that sounded good 
besides bland broth and mashed potatoes. 
She brought me some cute gifts and we hung out on the couch 
and chatted the day away. It was really nice to have her visit. 
Saturday we had some friends come in from out of town. 
we again took it easy. I made sure to get up and move around.
Keep my blood flowing! 
Sunday Scott and I took a quick drive over to the pumpkin patch 
and picked a mom dad and baby pumpkin for our front porch
we had a nice day out and followed it with a great lunch 
and an afternoon nap. 
The rest of the days are kind of a blur. 
When you're home for a long time you forget 
silly things like what day it was, or if you had taken 
your meds for the day lol.. 
I was off work for 8 days so I had to keep myself busy 
but not overly active. 
Beta is 9.18.15 
My plan was not to test.
But my next post will explain how the rest of the week 
played out. 


  1. Eeek hope great news is to follow!!

  2. Wait! Beta is TODAY?!?! AHHHH So excited! I can't wait to hear news! PRAYERS!

  3. Oh the suspense! Gallbladder does suck. I had two attacks one while 37 weeks pregnant & one 3 weeks after delivering. All though the 2nd time they did tell me it wasn't my gallbladder it was gastritis even though I do have one huge stone in NY gallbladder.