Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Repeat Randy...
Hey guess what?! 
I'm in the 2ww again! for the 2359072 time! -_-
So December's round of clomid didn't pan out..
I think part of it is my fault since I screwed up the days..
but no ovulation occurred and my period showed up 
on time, the only positive in this case. 
So last week I started getting awful pains 
in my right side, a clear sign of O'ing for me
then the EWCM showed two days 
later I got a super dark OPK 
that showed in like 30 seconds. 
seriously fasted shit I've ever seen.. 
*Because I am no rookie 
I started the BD process the moment 
I felt the cramping :) 
I'm thinking we should have all our bases covered. 
Maybe we will just throw in one more night for fun haha!

Also I started a new IG account
click the pic for the link.. 
my user name is 
Original right? 
Yes there are pictures of my cats..
Don't judge me their the only
thing I can mother right now
So I have a question about this pineapple saga 
that seems to be taking the TTC world by the balls.
Okay, I've been on this roller coaster far too long, 
I've googled the shit out of some shit...
But does the pineapple thing really work?
Like is this something I should have been 
trying for the past 4+ years?
I would really hate to one day 
tell my story with an ending that goes something like
"So I ate a pineapple core and 9 months later out popped little Johnny"
(*Not that I would ever name my baby Johnny)
Seriously though..when do you really eat it?
some say after in after your positive opk or
like 2 days later after the egg drops? 
I'm so confused and now I'm craving pineapple.. Damit

Feed me your thoughts...


  1. I tried pineapple during my FET cycles. One worked the other didn't. So I stopped doing it lol. I agree Brazilian nuts instead since they were easier to stomach.

  2. Can't help you in the pineapple department, but I'm a firm believer in red raspberry leaf tea! I hope the next 2 weeks pass quickly and end positively (pun intended!:))

  3. I am right behind you in the 2ww! (via IVF) Good Luck! I have a post on Pineapple that is helpful.

    I will be following your journey!

  4. Ok, so I did the pineapple core thing and I think it helped me because it felt like I was doing something during the 2ww. I did Pom juice before O and pineapple core after. I just needed an element of control during TTC and I think THAT helped me because I was able to "focus" on something other that POAS during the 2ww. Gotta eat pineapple core for implantation! WoOT woOT!

    I'll tell you this much, eating pineapple core sucks - it's not tasty and I was never able to blend it up really well. I ended up chewing on really tough pineapple which was not tasty by any means.

    BUT - it can't hurt.

    GOOOOOD LUCK! I'm rooting for you so much right now! COMMON BABY!

  5. I ate pineapple core, but not during the TWW (I ate it trying to bring on labor). Praying that this will be it for you!