Thursday, March 13, 2014

What We Have Been Up To!

So much has happened since the beginning of February 
I feel like it's best to show you in pictures! :) 
Plus lets admit pictures are far more fun than lectures! 
I would try to go in order by date but that would
require a lot of work...
 so we will start with some randoms! 

Hey babe come take a picture with me!! -_-
this is what I got...

I remembered my sunglasses that day...but forgot everything else
3 trips back to the house and I finally made it to work! 

Happy Valentines day! 

Here we go again! Clomid...

Sunday afternoon naps!

When Scott craves ribs we eat ribs!

Auntie Laurie and I at dinner (before the surprise!)

Visiting Scott at work! Yes he works on 3 computers at once!

Ash Wednesday!

Teaching Mia Bott how to drive! 

Surprise #2 Happy Birthday Jillian!

Lego Man!

New rug and pillows! (please dont look at the curtains
I still need to iron them!) 

Could she be any cuter?!

Jillian's surprise birthday dinner!

Scott and Alan!

Confession..I had a chemical peel! (post on that coming soon!)

Why?!...Because bowling is fun!

Scrap bein Scrap

I screwed a wine cork to the wall to hold the damn
dog leash we can never find! 

One of the rooms from our antiquing adventure last weekend

The sun makes the art. 

Because $5 dollar martinis are where its at!

By far the weirdest antiquing experience ever. 

Mia Marie enjoying a Wendy's Burger!
Rays on rays on rays! 

A little free time before jumping back in the truck! 

Seeing beauty through my eyes

Road trip sunset

Peyton finally warming up to me! 

A night of dancing! 

Wishing Tuesday was Friday

Totesmagoats Hahahah! 

The sun was shinning all the way to the very end!

Jillian Leigh a little pregame at Jenn's before Dancing the night away! 

Because bowling is fun!

Mia's Love for lipstick grows more and more with every visit to Aunt Chele

"The Driver" 

Raise Your Brush! Paint and Wine night! 

enjoying a little Hooka *(flavored tobacco) 

Jillian's "Are we there yet" face!

We had so much fun while she was home!
I think it was one of her best trips yet!
I'm kinda of in shock that it's already the middle of March!
as for my TTC update.. I am 14dpo and took my last
(-) hpt at 12dpo.. I haven't been out to get more simply
because I don't feel pregnant. I feel like AF is right around
the corner -_- I'll keep you posted on what happens.
But there is no getting your hopes up around here.


  1. You take the best pictures! Love the sunglasses ones! I still have my fingers crossed for the last part!

  2. Love your pics! Pics do make for a better story.