Friday, February 7, 2014

Two Years...

It's hard for me to believe 
that it has been two years to this day 
that we found out were were pregnant for the third time. 
I remember every single moment about that day. 
The excitement I felt as I realized 
I was officially "late"
I tip toed to the hall closet 
grabbed an ept and crept back 
to the bathroom. 
I remember setting the test on the counter,
sitting down on the toilet and 
tapping my foot with anxiety..
I kept track of the time with my phone 
exactly at the three minute mark 
I jumped up and grabbed the test. 
It was positive. 
I was in shock. 
I stood still for what seemed like and eternity. 
I didn't know what to do next. 
I had a little while before I had to wake Scott
for work, but I was bursting with excitement 
and rushed in to tell him. 
I sat down on the bed and shook him lightly.
"Babe, Babe!" 
"It worked!" 
"I'm Pregnant" 
The two words I had longed to say to him. 
I had just said. 
His eyes welled with tears as he hugged me tightly. 
I made it to the shower before 
I began to sob. 
Uncontrollable sobs of joy. 
I thanked God over and over. 
I had planned on keeping it from my parents. 
Just for a day or so until I could come up 
with some cute way to tell them. 
But the excitement was too intense to hold in! 
I ran and got blood work that morning, 
It was 8am & I was the first one at the lab!  
and got the results very early that afternoon
then Scott and I met my parents for lunch 
at our favorite Sushi restaurant. 
My dad arrived first and he could tell 
I had something to share! 
I showed him the test and told him 
when Mom arrived I would text her a picture 
Once she arrived I sent 3 texts in a row..
Not once did she glance down at her phone! 
I finally had to tell her to check her messages..
She didn't quite understand 
what she was looking at, at first
then she said, "What's This?"  
More sobbing around the table 
as we celebrated the life 
we had longed to create. 
The rest of the night Scott and I spent talking 
about the future... 
It was one of the best days of our lives. 
I will forever remember that day. 
♥  2.7.12  ♥



  1. i have tears falling down my face. this is so beautiful. not a day goes by i don't keep you in my prayers. <3<3<3