Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Dr. Whoop Whoop

Hey! It's been a hot minute..
We have a new RE!
Well he's kinda new :)
He actually left the hell hole old office 
to start his own practice! 
I had no clue until my OB suggested him!
We were blown away with our first apt, 
everyone was so nice and polite 
the waiting area was decorated beautifully 
with a complementary coffee/snack bar..
I'm pretty sure that was Scott's favorite part ;)
We went over a lot of history and discussed 
a few options..
First up on the list was new labs, 
second was a baseline to see what my pcos looked like
Clomid and IUI we meet again. 
I know what your thinking..
because I thought the same thing too.. 
but there were so many factors that we didn't 
take into consideration with our previous IUI's 
Also Dr. G is in the process of moving buildings 
so IVF is off the table until May when his 
entire facility is set up! 
Which I may add will be a one stop shop!
he is going to have his own embryo lab there for gods sake!
For now.
We are proceeding with 150mg of clomid
two doses of Orvidel one to trigger ovulation 
and the other to boost progesterone...
Hello why didn't anyone think of that 4+ years ago?!
ending with IUI..
I happen to get lucky because my apt fell during the week 
AF was due. 
AF showed Friday and I went in Monday for my 
Baseline, He said my pcos looks very "under control"
Thank you carb free eating and metformin
So no waiting for us! 
I am on day 2 of clomid and go in Monday for 
a follicle check!
We haven't cycled in so long it feels good 
to feel like we are actually doing something more.
Crossing our fingers that this round works 
If we get to May with no pregnancy we will be 
doing IVF!

Were scared. excited. nervous. hopeful. and joyful 

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  1. I am so happy to hear that you guys are cycling again and this doctor sounds like a good choice.

  2. This is wonderful news!! Wishing you the best!

  3. Sounds like switching clinics was a great idea!

  4. awesome news!!! wishing you guys all the luck in the world!! <3

  5. so glad to hear you like your new clinic (so far!)

  6. Sounds like a great step into the right direction! Best Wishes!

  7. I can hear/read the excitement in your voice! Best of luck with this cycle.

  8. I am so incredibly excited for you! And just requested to follow you on IG.

  9. Seems like the right place to be as the new year has started! I sure hope 2015 brings many blessings to you and Scott, love you both!