Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Two Years...

How can it be?
Has it really been two whole years since we 
said goodbye?
My heart aches on this day. 
A year ago I told myself not to worry 
because by next year I would be holding 
my sweet baby and telling him or her 
about her brother or sisters in heaven. 
But two years later I still have nothing to show.
 No baby to hold. No child to love. 
Just strengthen, fight, and courage.
My period is due April 17th, 
& 3 days later  I will begin birth control to
 officially start our first IVF cycle. 
We are nervous and scared. 
But more than anything ready. 
Ready to be a family of more than two. 

My last picture pregnant. 12 weeks.
The last picture of our Tiny Baby 8w6d

Our insurance does not cover anything. 
So we will be paying out of pocket for everything. 
If you have any advice or medical companies you know 
where I can purchase medicine at a discount please let me know. 
Thank you so much for your continued love and support. 



  1. I'm so sorry :( I truly hope that things brings you your rainbow take home baby. You are in my prayers!!!

  2. I am so sorry :( Good luck with your IVF cycle. I'm cheering for you!

  3. Praying for you today and everyday.

  4. I am hoping and praying so hard that this is it for you. You truly are one of the strongest people I know. Sending so much love your way!

  5. A lost is never easy. Hoping that IVF will bring u ur long awaited family.

  6. Im so sorry. A suggestion for meds. You should look up the Compassionate Care Application through fertility Life Line. Our clinic suggested it to us and within two weeks we were approved. This was a few years ago but most of our meds were paid for. The do ask for you finance information but from what I was told there really isn't a cap. They ask for you to attach your story in regards to infertility and a panel reviews that. I hope this helps. Our insurance paid for nothing for our IVF cycle and this was such a huge help. I pray this is your time.

  7. I'm so sorry. 2 years can feel like a lifetime ago or a second ago... but that pain never really goes away. I wish you the very best with your IVF. I sincerely hope that this will be a success for you.

  8. ((HUGS)) Keeping you in constant hopes & prayers for your upcoming IVF cycle!

  9. (((HUGS)) Thinking of you my beautiful friend. XOXOX