•○•Our Love Story•○•

Scott & I met in September 2005
We both attended The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati
We were engaged 2 years later and Married a year after
On December 1st 2007
Our wedding was over the top, a 20 person bridal party, 5 foot
Wedding cake that held 60lbs of gum paste roses  
& a 17 piece orchestra that entertained a mere 350 guests!
We bought our first home 8 months later in October of 2008
We remolded the entire house before moving in, in December
Scott and I love to take our dog Waffles to the creek to
Hunt for rocks! We Love the outdoors, swimming, hiking, camping
But at the same time we love being snuggled together on the couch!
We have been trying to have a baby for over three years, we have been
Pregnant three times, but sadly we lost all three before they could be born.
We love our family and friends dearly and
 being around them often Keeps our spirits high!
We are kind people with big hearts! If you ever have any questions
For us please don’t hesitate to email us at